About Light Up Africa care Foundation


Light up Africa Care Foundation (LUACF) is an Association of volunteers that are committed to bringing total illumination to African peoples especially those in remote communities by providing them access to basic social and physucal infrastructure that will improve their health, education, agriculture, industry, environment etc and bring the almost forgotten peoples of Africa to mainstream global socio-economic development while preserving their cultural values and identities in a sustainable and progressive manner.

Our focus is in assisting the voiceless of the Continent to regain control of their lives and environment and reintergrate through peace-building, educational enlightenment, improved access to community health and wealth creation in a sustainable environment.

Our Aims and Objectives


  • To promote peace building through regular sensitization, public enlightenment and advocacy for the voiceless and their participation in governance.

  • To promote educational enlightenment as the only way out of poverty, ignorance ad disease by supporting grassroots educational Institutions and informal learning for human Capital accumulation and integration into the global community.

  • To promote environmental and community health through grassroots sensitisation and mobilisation for improved hygine and health practices in line with the Millenium Development Goals.

  • To promote poverty reduction and wealth creation through enterpreneurship by addressing social determinants and related capital accummulation and resource mobilisation for sustainable development in line with the Millenium Development Goals.

  • To promote sustainable environmental ethics and practices by exposing African peoples to renewable alternative energy sources that reduce the emmission of Green House gasses, environmental degradation.

  • To organise and confer an annual Award of Excellence on persons, organisations and Institutions that best contributed to bringing Light to the remotest parts of Africa and drove back poverty, ignorance and disease  using climate friendly renewable energy in a sustainable manner.

Board of Trustees



Chief Ewie Aimienwauu (FCID)
Executive Chairman




Mrs. Ndidi Aimienwauu








Mr. Chidi Okpara








Mr. Louis Ebhodaghe